Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Homemade Rainbow Chips for Cake | Food & Drink

You know the yummy Betty Crocker rainbow chip icing? Mark's birthday was at the beginning of June, and I told him I would make his cake. He told me his favorite cake was the box mix rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip icing.  Well, did you think I could find the rainbow chip icing anywhere? No, no I couldn't. So, I did some research and improvised for the icing. I don't have step by step pictures, but I have a picture from the internet, and the final product on the cake.

Go out and buy some white chocolate chips. I used about one large bulk bin scoop of chips, and I still had a lot left over after putting them on the cake. Your first step is to melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave. DO THIS VERY SLOWLY. It's very important you only put them in for approximately ten seconds at a time because they burn fast. After about ten or fifteen seconds they may not look like they are melting, but they are. Give them a stir, and if there is still chocolate lumps, throw them back in for another ten seconds.  Next step is to separate the white chocolate into how ever many colors you want to use; I did four. Have some fun mixing different food coloring into the chocolate. Then once they are mixed well, spread them out on a hard surface. I used a plate, but you could you parchment paper or even a cutting board, it really doesn't matter. You can see how they are spread out in the above picture. Put them in the fridge until they return to their solid state. Once they are hard, bring them out, and just start chopping them up into tiny pieces like you see in the above picture on the left hand side. Remember to put them back into the fridge if you aren't going to use them right away. This is to keep the colors from bleeding together once you've mixed them. You can mix them into your favorite icing or place them on top of the icing in a creative arrangement on the cake.

I will soon post a quick and inexpensive way to make the actual cake as well as my favorite icing. So watch out for these posts in the future to make a cake like the one I made for Mark!

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