Friday, 5 July 2013

Zucchini Alfredo Lasagna | Food & Drink

Put on your stretchy pants because you will want to eat the whole pan. Tonight I'm going to show you a new lasagna recipe I made up, that was inspired by The Chew's half zucchini half pasta lasagna. The idea was that you were cutting out a lot of heavy fats and calories... cute eh? ;) Just kidding, it's not AWFUL for you; just modify it to your liking. At least it's a great way to sneak in A LOT of vegetables.

I shouldn't even be showing you guys this recipe- it's that good.

You will need:
-lasagna noodles (I literally used 6 noodles for the size of dish I made)
-zucchini (I used 4 small zucchini)
-cheese (I used old cheddar because it's stronger- like I've mentioned before)
-alfredo sauce (brand of your choice, you can experiment with it)
-a little garlic plus and oregano (my go to guys)

Here's the lasagna noodles I use. Boil them like you would regular pasta.

Then slice your zucchini the long way.

This is the alfredo sauce I used this time. Last time it was a garlicy one. If you are going to make a smaller lasagna like the one I'm doing you really only need one jar. I made one that was bigger before and needed 2 jars.

The next step is to layer the ingredients however you want to. I like to start with a layer of sauce, then zucchini, noodles- then from there, layer the rest of the veggies how you want. I had 2 layers of spinach, 1 layer of tomato, 2 layers of noodles, 3 zucchini layers, and 2 cheese layers.

Turn the oven on to about 400 degrees and let it cook for approx 30 minutes. Let the cheese brown a little bit on top. It should look something like this:

Now, to make your lasagna taste even more amazing- the key is to let it rest for a long time. You know how things like this always taste better the next day? Same kind of idea. I let our lasagna rest for a good 20 minutes, but it wouldn't hurt to leave it much much longer if possible. You can always throw it back in the oven for a couple minutes to warm it up. I know, it's so hard not to eat it the second it comes out. If you let it rest, it will also cut nicely, and you won't end up with a pile of goo on your plate.

Borderline pile of goo, but couldn't wait any longer

 Hope you enjoy! Actually, trust me you will. If you have any questions, just ask! Shoot me some comments!

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