Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Last Year's Halloween Costume | Favorites

Hey there! I know it's been awhile since I've posted! I have my excuses- starting trying to eat better again sooo meals are kinda boring, and no sweets are being baked :(.  I been working out a lot soooo I haven't worn pretty clothes in a long time :(.  Of course along with that no pretty makeup and hair has been done:(.

However, I CAN show you want I worn last Halloween. Maybe it will spark some ideas for a last minute costume or a really good solid plan for next year.  You're probably wondering why I'm not posting a costume from this year- I didn't go out!!! For the VERY FIRST TIME in my whole 21 years on this planet, I did not have a Halloween costume. This is a sad post huh?

Last Halloween I was a Peacock! The costume was a little pricey to make, but I did win 1st prize for it at a Halloween social at my university! I won 150 bucks in cash, and 150 worth of gift certificates to go to campus restaurants.

Here it is!

 The makeup took a long time and I used actual glitter glue, and tempra paint.... only use it if you are okay with stuff on your face for like a week! I have absolutely no idea if it's safe- I'm alive, that's all I can say.

I made the top out of a Dollarama tank top and I glued feathers on it. The top of the shirt is a boa glued all the way around.  The Tutu was made by cutting pieces of tulle, and attaching it to a ribbon with knots.  The tail was peacock feathers attached to a piece of cardboard that fit into the back of my shirt.  I wish I had more feathers, but they are very very very expensive. 

The key to adding texture to play around with your hair is a CRAP LOAD of dry shampoo.  There was tons and tons of teasing done here.

Just to mention, under the tulle skirt that I made is a petticoat that I bought at Party Stuff or Spirit Halloween... I can't remember.  But it was only $30 bucks. 

My jack-o-lantern from last year!

If you have any more questions about the costume, let me know! Hope you all have a safe and fantastic Halloween!!

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