Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Story About Jeans | LBB Fit

This is a post from Instagram, but I wanted to share this story with you too! (Sorry IG followers)

"I put on my new jeans this morning (also my new favorite ones), and I couldn't help but remember a childhood memory about a favorite pair of jeans. 

I've struggled with my weight ALL my life. One year my grandparents bought me this beautiful pair of jeans with flowers down the sides for Christmas, annnnd wouldn't ya know- those damn things didn't zip. I knew I was a chubby kid. I never really got teased (I love my friends for that), but I always wanted to get the weight off. I didn't feel good in my skin. 

There was one year where my mom tried helping me lose weight. It was working well, to the point I tried on these favorite jeans and they FIT!! I was so excited I ran outside to the cow pasture where my parents were to show them. That night I was going to my friend's for a sleepover. I was feeling confident and my mom washed and packed these jeans so I could wear them the next day. The next morning I put them on at my friend's (after eating junk the night before I was apprehensive and well 8yrs old) and it couldn't get them on. I was devastated. I thought it was because I ate junk food. I quit trying to try right then. Ya know why they didn't fit? Mom washed and dried them lol. I quit my journey at 8 because my jeans shrunk in the dryer... 

If there are any moms reading this, please tell your daughters these secrets! No matter the age, it does knock a girl down. I wish I could tell my teenage self that you can love your body at any size, rolls and all. And that, well, jeans shrink in they dryer..."

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