Monday, 26 August 2013

Knee-High Boots & Fat Calves | Fashion & Beauty

I LOVE knee high boots, but there was always one thing getting in the way of buying some- my huge calves.  Every time I would walk into a shoe store, even though I know they wouldn't fit, I tried them ALL on hoping and praying one pair would fit my stupid calves.  After years with this struggle I accepted my fate- knee high boots would never embrace my big calves. Sad right?  I know so many other girls have this problem.  Which is kind of silly! Why can't they just make them a little bit bigger?! Like seriously, an inch or two people! Well... my dream came true the other day.  I found a boot that fits my calves! If I could have, I would have sang and dance in the store. Thinking back, I just should have because this is something to celebrate. 

Drum roll... I found them at Pennington's.  Girls, don't be afraid of this store.  I always thought (without venturing in), "Oh boy, another plus size store with super ugly clothing."  I'm right though, no? A lot of chain stores that cater strictly to plus size people have some pretty ugly clothing.  I seriously believe they think, "Well you're big so, umm, maybe we will just throw a blanket on you, and hope that hides you."  Pennington's is actually different! They have some very nice clothes in there, that are still stylish, but cater to a plus size figure.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the sizes were 1X to 5X.  The clothes do fit much larger than other commercial size 1X clothing, however.  I saw some awesome deals on dresses there so of course I wanted to try them on. I tried the 1X on, and it was still about 2 sizes or so too big.  Okay, so this post went a little off track, but I had to tell you about this store!

The best part about this store, whether you are plus size or just a girl with some bigger calves, is their boots fit awesome! I went into Pennington's once before to try on boots, but they never had my size.  If you have small feet, and you just read this- LEAVE NOW! They sell fast.  I am still on cloud nine, and so happy with my boots.  They rang up at $96- a little pricey, but OMG worth it.

I guess it would also be good to note that they are a little warm.  Of course I buy boots, and now it's been like 30 degrees outside for days... 

My babies :).